38th Show: Yet Another African Dance Party

African Dance PartyJ.Period & K’NAAN – Introduction to Fela Anikulapo Kuti
Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble with Cedric Im Brooks – Je Je
Tony Allen – Pariwo
J.Period & K’NAAN – Got My Dream (Messengers Remix)
Balla Et Ses Balladins – Soumbouyaya
Ouinsou Corneille & Black Santiago – Vinon So Minsou
Victor Owaifo – Igboroho
Artur Nunes – Zihna
George Akaeze & His Augmented Hits – Business Before Pleasure
Segun Bucknor – Who Say I Tire
Bhundu Boys – Manhenga
J.Period & K’NAAN – Music is the Weapon (Interlude)
Antonio Paulino – Kamba Ba Luamba
Le Super Borgou De Parakou – Congolaise Benin Ye
Sory Bamba – Porry

Download the mp3

First Aired on Valley Free Radio

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